Welcome to all those who seek the real taste of India

Let me introduce myself. My name is K R Prabhurajan - Rajan in short. I am a retired man settled in one of the most beautiful places in India and have travelled extensively all over India. During my endeavours I have been to some exquisite places and have tasted some out-of-the-world food , most of which don't feature in the public domain. All my life, I have taken pleasure in trying to be the ideal host to my friends and family. What started as a social pastime has now become a passion. Now all I can think of is giving all who seek, an experience that they've never had. In short, this is about my endeavour to give you the real Taste of India.

So, what can I do for you?

I can show you places that you have never seen. I can bring you exciting experiences that you've never imagined. I can take you through adventures in the land where survival is an adventure to many. I can open your mind to the hidden India. This is my promise. So, if you are a 'lonely planet' tourist, this is not for you.

Would you like to know more? If you do, then please do let me know what you seek to know. And, if you know what you want, then please tell me what you want. And I'll tell you what I can offer.

If pictures mean more to you than words, then feel free to check out my photo gallery.